Increase the Efficiency of Professional Bed Bug RemovalIncrease the Efficiency of Professional Bed Bug Removal

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Increase the Efficiency of Professional Bed Bug Removal

Bed bugs are extremely difficult to get rid of. In fact, they are so difficult that if you have bed bugs, you will want to call in a professional to help you, as it is challenging to remove them all yourself. However, just because you call in a professional does not mean you can sit back and wait for the problem to go away. There are certain actions you can and should take to increase the efficiency of professional bed bug removal. Using products such as bed bug mattress and pillow covers, washing your bedding weekly in hot water and vacuuming your carpets frequently can all be done in conjunction with professional bed bug removal methods to ensure the bugs are gone and stay gone. I had bed bugs and getting rid of them was a nightmare. If you have them, I hope my website helps you combat these pests.



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Humidity And Heat Levels To Be Aware Of Before Storing Items

If you have valuables that you are planning to store for several months or years, you need to be sure the conditions in which you are storing them in are suitable for safe storage. How do you know if the storage space is suitable? What can you do to protect your things from damage while they are being stored? Here, you will learn how to do just that.

Test the Humidity and Temperature Levels

Purchase a small hygrometer with built-in memory. Place the device in the storage space in which you plan to store things. Let it sit for a few days and check the readings. If the climate of the space has high humidity levels, don't store your items there. The moisture in the air will settle on the items that you are storing and cause mold, corrosion and warping.

Heat can also cause damage to wood, plastic, stickers and most things that you would store. If the temperature soars, you would do best to find a different location to store your items.

Concrete Seepage

Concrete flooring may appear dry, but the reality of it is, it will secrete moisture into anything absorbent that is sitting on it. You can find free or cheap wood pallets through many retailers. These wood pallets make a great platform to store your items on concrete surfaces. They allow air to flow underneath while supporting even he heaviest loads on top.

Tip: You can even add caster wheels to the underside of the pallet to make them moveable. This will make it possible to move entire pallets filled with your things without having to move each box, tote or item individually.

Climate-Controlled Storage Facilities

If you cannot find a space in your home that is suitable for storage, take a look around your neighborhood. You will likely find at least a few self-storage facilities that offer climate-controlled units in varying sizes. Whether you have just a few boxes to store or an entire garage full of stuff, you can find a unit that will house what you need it to in a secure, climate-controlled environment to ensure that it comes out of storage in the same great condition in which it went in.

Give careful consideration to the area in which you store your items. Very few things can do well in a climate that is humid and hot or very cold for very long. Visit local storage units, like those at SaveMor Self Storage LTD.